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Kianna.15.CT. Sophomore.
here are the basics you should know about me. my blog basically represents me, i don't blog to impress i blog to express. i love all of my followers. i don't usually post to many pictures of myself but if i do you'll know. i like cute boys, food, my true friends, and music. I am single, of course. i take about 50 pictures before deciding which one i like best, i like texting sometimes and just being me. i find it pathetic when people pick on other people. it's really low.
i hope you like my blog<3

I love my boyfriend so much


Oh wait, I don’t have oneimage

Okay if this doesn’t get a million reblog I can’t see how tumblr can be useful ..



see the tear in the dog’s eye .. yeah I know some people will see this and just scroll over but do you think it’s worthwhile just filling your tumblr with stuff that has no point rather then making people aware of their acts It only takes a button press :(

I’m crying. i can’t see animals get hurt

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