tell me something sweet to get me by

Kianna.15.CT. Sophomore.
here are the basics you should know about me. my blog basically represents me, i don't blog to impress i blog to express. i love all of my followers. i don't usually post to many pictures of myself but if i do you'll know. i like cute boys, food, my true friends, and music. I am single, of course. i take about 50 pictures before deciding which one i like best, i like texting sometimes and just being me. i find it pathetic when people pick on other people. it's really low.
i hope you like my blog<3


Anonymous said:
im in the same situation and i think you just need a new guy to get your mind off of him.

i couldn’t agree with you more….

Anonymous said:
who's matt?

Matt? matt is a boy i dated in 7th grade and again in 8th grade. i want to say he was my first love but i don’t think he feels the same towards me. Even though i wish i was over him, im not. and it kills me to see my sister constantly flirting with him everyday………

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